Björn Aho, Milla Toivanen. Installaatio ULKORAKENNUS 1999By Side Sidewalk, Vaasa, vanha kasarmialue

värivalokuva kesämökin sisältä pinup pastellipiirustus
maalattuja rakenuslevyjä
puinen rimakonstruktio ulkovessasta työmaavalaisin



1999By Side Sidewalk, Vaasa, vanha kasarmialue färgfoto tagen från insidan av sommarstug pastelltäckning av en pinnuppgirl
målade byggnadsskivor
trä konstruktion av uthys


Film is based on a simple scene in a bar.

I directed and filmed the video ”BAR MEN” in 1999. The scene was filmed in a staged bar. 

I presented the video ”BAR MEN” as an installation in a solo exhibition at Kluuvi Gallery in Helsinki. The installation consists of the video projected onto the staging used for the filming of the video. Behind the stage there were four concrete casts referring to the numbness presented in the video.

BAARIMIEHET (Bar Men) beta SP color  12.30 min  1999

Work includes three different sections, which I have named as:

                PART 1 ”SILENT”

                PART 2 ”STORYBOARD”

                PART 3 ”COUNTER PROPOSITION”

Part 1 ”Silent” you will see all the material, which has been shot.

Part 2 ”Storyboard” and part 3 ”Counter proposition” have been dramatized and edited according to the original plan.

Happenings take place in a staged bar. 


The video deals with different aspects of vulnerability.

There are five men in a bar. They don’t speak. The dialogue and narration are carried out by vague gestures of the men and the camera movements. The coreography of the mute men in the staged space is to show oppressed emotions. In the end there is a cathartic moment at which one of the men transgresses the numbness of the bar men and reveals an intimate secret. 


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